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addChecker(IChecker) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.RootCheckerBean
Add a new sub-checker
addDataPoint(double...) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatManager
addPoint(double) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatFrame
Add a data point
addSubCheck(ICheckResponse) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
addSubCheck(ICheckResponse) - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
adds a sub-check response
addValues(double[], long) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatPeriod


ch.awae.appcheck - package ch.awae.appcheck
ch.awae.appcheck.api - package ch.awae.appcheck.api
ch.awae.appcheck.checker - package ch.awae.appcheck.checker - package
ch.awae.appcheck.statistics - package ch.awae.appcheck.statistics
CheckerDataBean - Class in
AppCheck Data Singleton Bean This singleton Bean is initialised on system startup.
CheckerDataBean() - Constructor for class
CheckerUtilities - Class in ch.awae.appcheck.checker
Collection of utilities for the checkers
CheckerUtilities() - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.CheckerUtilities
CheckResponse - Class in ch.awae.appcheck.api
concrete default implementation of the ICheckResponse interface This class is used by all provided checks and should be used by any custom checks as well.
CheckResponse(String, String) - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
Creates a new CheckResponse with the provided title and description.
CheckResult - Enum in ch.awae.appcheck.api
Binary result values for check responses.
ClassLoadingChecker - Class in ch.awae.appcheck.checker
Checks the ClassLoading This Check is always OK and acts as a readout of the number of classes.
ClassLoadingChecker(Properties) - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.ClassLoadingChecker


doCheck(String) - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.IChecker
performs a check.
doCheck(String) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.ClassLoadingChecker
doCheck(String) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.GarbageCollectorChecker
doCheck(String) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.RuntimeChecker
doCheck(String) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.ThreadChecker
doCheck(String) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.TimerChecker
doCheck(String) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.RootCheckerBean
Performs a full check.


formatDataSize(long, boolean) - Static method in class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.CheckerUtilities
Formats a data size given in bytes.
formatDuration(long, boolean) - Static method in class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.CheckerUtilities
Formats a duration given in milliseconds.


GarbageCollectorChecker - Class in ch.awae.appcheck.checker
GC checker
GarbageCollectorChecker(Properties, GCDataContainer, GCDataContainer) - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.GarbageCollectorChecker
GCDataContainer - Class in
Data container holding recorded garbage collection data
GCDataContainer() - Constructor for class
getAllSummaries() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatManager
returns 2D-Array of all summaries.
getAvg() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatFrame
getAvg() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatSummary
getAvg() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.SummaryWrapper
getChannelCount() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatPeriod
getConfiguredFrameCount() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatPeriod
getConfiguredTime() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatPeriod
getCount() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatFrame
getCount() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatSummary
getCount() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.SummaryWrapper
getDescription() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
getDescription() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
provides the description The description allows adding additional information about a response that is independent from the result.
getDuration() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatSummary
getDuration() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.SummaryWrapper
getEffectiveFrameCount() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatPeriod
getEffectiveTime() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatPeriod
getEndTime() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatFrame
getEndTime() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatSummary
getEndTime() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.SummaryWrapper
getErrorMessage() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
getErrorMessage() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
getFrameCount() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.PeriodConfig
getFrameTime() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.PeriodConfig
getMajorGcDataContainer() - Method in class
getMax() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatFrame
getMax() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatSummary
getMax() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.SummaryWrapper
getMessage() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
getMessage() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
getMin() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatFrame
getMin() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatSummary
getMin() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.SummaryWrapper
getMinorGCDataContainer() - Method in class
getPeriodTime() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.PeriodConfig
getPeriodTitle() - Method in class
getPeriodTitles() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatManager
getPoolMax() - Method in class
getResult() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
getResult() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
provides the binary result of the response
getStackTrace() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
getStackTrace() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
getStartTime() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatFrame
getStartTime() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatSummary
getStartTime() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.SummaryWrapper
getStrictness(String, float, float) - Static method in class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.CheckerUtilities
Determines the strictness value given the property string and values for default strictness and inherited strictness.
getSubChecks() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
getSubChecks() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
provides a list of all sub-responses An implementation may choose to only provide read-only lists.
getSummaries() - Method in class
getSummary() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatPeriod
getTimers() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.IMonitoredTimer
Provides a collection of all registered timers.
getTitle() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
getTitle() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
provides the title The title should provide a short description of the response contents.
getTitle() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.PeriodConfig
getTitle() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatPeriod
getTitle() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatSummary
getTitle() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.SummaryWrapper


handle(GcInfo) - Method in class
record a new data set


IChecker - Interface in ch.awae.appcheck.api
base interface for any checker.
ICheckResponse - Interface in ch.awae.appcheck.api
base interface for check responses it is recommended to always use the provided CheckResponse implementation
IMonitoredTimer - Interface in ch.awae.appcheck.api
interface to be used for all timers that should be monitored.
INFINITE - Static variable in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.PeriodConfig
isCheckOK() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
isCheckOK() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
checks if this response is OK.
isInfinite() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.PeriodConfig
isTreeOK() - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
isTreeOK() - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
check recursively if response is OK.


loadFile(String) - Static method in class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.CheckerUtilities
loadProperties(String) - Static method in class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.CheckerUtilities
Loads a given properties file into a Properties instance.


merge(StatFrame, StatFrame) - Static method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatFrame
Merges 2 frames into one


PeriodConfig - Class in ch.awae.appcheck.statistics
Configuration Object for statistics periods
PeriodConfig(long, int, String) - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.PeriodConfig
Creates a new Statistics Period Configuration
propagateResult(ICheckResponse, float) - Static method in class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.CheckerUtilities
Determines the check result based on the child results.


removeChecker(IChecker) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.RootCheckerBean
Removes an existing sub-checker if it exists
RootCheckerBean - Class in ch.awae.appcheck
Base Checker Bean managing sub-checks.
RootCheckerBean() - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.RootCheckerBean
RuntimeChecker - Class in ch.awae.appcheck.checker
Runtime Checker Provides the time since VM start
RuntimeChecker(Properties) - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.RuntimeChecker


setEndTime(long) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatFrame
setError(Throwable) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
setError(Throwable, CheckResult) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
setError(Throwable) - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
adds an error to this response the result is set to NOK
setError(Throwable, CheckResult) - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
adds an error to this response and updates the result value
setErrorMessage(String) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
setErrorMessage(String) - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
sets the error message of the response
setMessage(String) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
setMessage(String) - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
sets the response message This message can hold additional information about the check that is not covered by the title, description or result.
setResult(CheckResult) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
setResult(CheckResult) - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
sets the binary result of the response
setStackTrace(String) - Method in class ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResponse
setStackTrace(String) - Method in interface ch.awae.appcheck.api.ICheckResponse
sets the stack trace to the response
StatFrame - Class in ch.awae.appcheck.statistics
A single time frame in the statistics.
StatFrame(long) - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatFrame
Creates a new frame
StatFrame(StatFrame) - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatFrame
Copy Constructor
StatManager - Class in ch.awae.appcheck.statistics
root manager managing multiple parallel periods.
StatManager(int, PeriodConfig...) - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatManager
StatPeriod - Class in ch.awae.appcheck.statistics
A statistics period holds data for a limited amount of time int multiple frames and discards frames that are too old automatically.
StatPeriod(PeriodConfig, int, long) - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.StatPeriod
StatSummary - Interface in ch.awae.appcheck.statistics
Base interface for a statistical summary of a data set
SummaryWrapper - Class in ch.awae.appcheck.statistics
Wrapper wrapping a statistics frame into a statistics summary
SummaryWrapper(StatFrame, String) - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.statistics.SummaryWrapper


ThreadChecker - Class in ch.awae.appcheck.checker
provides a list of all currently running threads
ThreadChecker(Properties) - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.ThreadChecker
TimerChecker - Class in ch.awae.appcheck.checker
TimerChecker(Properties) - Constructor for class ch.awae.appcheck.checker.TimerChecker


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResult
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum ch.awae.appcheck.api.CheckResult
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
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